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the body betrayal

I felt terrible today ... my left shoulder was aching awfully, and it hurt to walk. Neither problem classified as "unbearable," but nearly losing one's balance due to an unexpected "Ouch!" isn't much fun either! It was, unfortunately, my left knee that was cause for concern. It was not the same pain that I experienced prior to or during The November Incident of 2004, but it wasn't normal either. Yet woe be to the woman who injures her right knee while excessively babying the left! I tried not to favor it (though I did detect a bit of a limp in my gait), but it still took most of the day for the discomfort to disappear.

It seems I am only capable of paying attention to my body when it is not functioning well. No matter how many times I tell myself that "health" consists of physical and mental concerns, I am far too willing to ignore the former component. I really need to work on this! People are less wont to work with you when you put them down or rub them the wrong way, and bodies are like this as well. Therefore, the worse I treat myself, the more awful I am going to feel. Yes, Anne, this applies to you!

I recently documented a workplace phenomenon known as "lunch retribution." This is defined as eating another's meal in an attempt to secure revenge for the loss of one's own (presumably through somebody else's digestive system).

Tekko Attendees: What's the scoop?

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