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In Which Anne Speaks of Cons and Cosplay, or, "It All Comes Back to BAWLS"

Several of you know that when the nearest JoAnn's went out of business, I went into a bit of a discount-induced impulse spree. Some fabric was purchased with purpose in mind, and some found its way into my home due to sheer awesomeness (crazy grinning lime green crabs for the win!). Several yards of material are, however, now mine due to whim alone.

Yet, I think this may have actually worked out for the best. I will eventually need to acquire red, brown, mocha, and white. I turn around, and what do I see sitting on my chair? Red and brown, in sufficient quantities (I think)! They're a shade too dark, but I almost don't care, as the textures are perfect, and the entire shebang will be slightly muted, so it won't look awful.

This is totally the first time I've ever had a "Whoa, I've ... got some stuff on hand for that?" happen to me. Now why can't I find any plain yet pretty green or white fabric for various incarnations of Fuu?

... augh! A-Cen is soon! I need to start working on Rin again!

Speaking of cons, it is time for a bit o' a Tekkoshocon writeup. Much of the weekend can be summed up by saying "BAWLS, BAWLS, BAWLS!" and then imagining all the subsequent stale jokes that only became funny when one became exhausted.

The Bandanna-ed BAWLS Distributors Inc. (a fellow named Stefan and I, so-called due to our almost matching headgear) and various non-bandanna-ed friends (Berit, who quickly became known as the only organization the cash box ever saw) faced a dizzying array of people who wished to purchase the sweet beverage in the distinctive blue bottle. There were some who had never tried it before and wanted to, and there was the corset dealer, who purchased one to have and then one to save. But there were crazy people, too. One customer purchased ten at once, and another gave us a $50 for a single $2 bottle because he had no other cash! There were many otaku who did not seem to realize that caffeine is an addictive drug. I dealt with several who were shaking because they had downed multiple BAWLS on an empty stomach. One reminded me terribly of Mr. K (though few will know who I reference), possibly because of the awkward mannerisms and the awful hair. Had there been plates around, I would have expected him to smash at least one upon the floor before storming out! Fortunately, he was not Mr. K, and after a few minutes of conversation that went somewhat like this:

Him: I've had [insert ridiculously large number here] BAWLS and only eaten [insert a little bit of junky snack food here] today!
Me: Holy shit! And you thought that was smart, why?
Him: I didn't! But I did it anyway! ::twitch twitch::
Me: ... ooookay!

... he went away.

Cosplay-wise, I did not do much. I wore Anna for a few hours, and although I have not yet mastered the ">:|" face, I'm getting better! Afterward, I went on a COSPLAY SAFARI with saber_rider! We journeyed about the ExpoMart seeking out the cosplayer in its native habitat. The cosplayer is a unique creature, you see, in that although they are so plentiful as to be ubiquitous, and though many may resemble each other, few are identical! We found and photographed several who possessed most remarkable plumage. Next time, all we need are awesome hats, khaki shorts, and a set of binoculars ... and we'll be total SAFARI PROS! After that, I think we'll have gained enough pomp to be able to ride in a specially-modified Jeep.

The end of Tekko saw the creation of the Leaning Tower of Table. Though it freaked out a bunch of us, we all grew accustomed to its existence (even if still wary of the high probability of its falling over). I have few ways to describe the structure other than "unsound," "funny," and "decorated with BAWLS," so I shall have to wait until the pictures that were taken of it surface.

The only quote I wrote down the entire weekend: "Don't give me that 'work' business, Mr. 'I-don't-sell-BAWLS-I-just-carry-them!'"
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