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Slow as it probably is by both my old standards and those of others, today went well. ^_^

If, unlike me, you say the day begins at midnight, then it started off really well. o_o I got four people totally hooked on Generator Gawl, one of my favorite series (and an excellent dub too, I may add). We doodled all over the chalkboards in the classroom we had reserved, and I drew a damn nifty Official Guy W/ Cape, Gawl, and Natsumi ... but alas, there was no camera to record these with. Anyway, these folks liked Generator Gawl so much, we had to finish it that very night. ^^; We completed the series at 1:44 a.m., and slowly but surely progressed from the building to our own rooms, whereupon I promptly fell asleep.

My alarm clock went off at eight. As usual on the weekends, I had intended to get up and be productive. As is also usual on the weekends, I failed. ^^; This time, because I was really tired and there was no Ragnarok to stay up for, I reset my alarm for an hour later, turned right back around, and crawled in a most lethargic manner back into bed. lol

I remembered to turn in my essay.

I turned in my schedule (or what I hope will be my schedule) for next semester today. I'll be busy next year. ^_^ It's all these two hour long art classes, except for one which is two hours of American Film. ^^ I had wanted to take a computer programming class, but every single last one offered conflicted with my Computer Art and Design class, which is a requirement for my major. Oh well. They're still not offering Japanese, either. ^^;

The only bad thing about my supposed schedule is that I have to take another semester's worth of Design Orientation. T_T I dislike that class ... I want to draw, not sculpt. ^^;

The other day, I was voted Vice-President of my club, and in addition I'm now the next Production Editor for the award-winning school newspaper. Go me. : P They say that I get paid per issue for the paper, but that the pay is unreliable since it's dependent upon ads ... but that it's all about the teamwork and so on. Frankly, I've had enough of teamwork in school journalism. ^_^; If I don't get paid for more than two issues in a row, I'm going to quit. ^^; That's a lot of time to be spending in a basement alone on a computer, despite the fact that I used to do that frequently. ^_^;

They have an interesting layout, I think. Not with the paper itself, but in how its put together. Unlike my high school paper, the section editors do not make their own sections. I do all that! lol

Annnnyways ...

Normally, on Fridays this semester, I go to work at 10:30. But today, I said "nope!", and I decided to go in after lunch. I met Erik for lunch, and shortly thereafter we were joined by Anita, Kelli, and some guy I recognize but whose name I've forgotten. Gomen nasai, Erik, I can't believe I didn't have a present for your birthday. T_T But he didn't mind, because I have until his party to get him one. ^^; We discussed his watermelon-colored attire.

So, I finally went to work. It's surprising how much more I enjoy it when I'm totally on my own. o_o I like my boss very much and she views me as a daughter of sorts, but usually I hate work to death. Today she wasn't there, and had left this folder-worth of webpage corrections that needed to be made in my box. I sat there, got them all done, and didn't mind at all.

I even ran around fixing things. ^.^ I felt so competent. I was able to identify the problem, locate all the components I needed, and put it all together. It was so cool. ^^

Speaking of being alone, the other day when I did my advising with my new advisor, I finally managed to get these quiz results out of my advising folder that my former advisor had utterly forgotten to give to me. (My, I just used "advise" a lot. lol) It's from a test I took way back when in June ... guess what my lowest score was, in comparision to other college students in the U.S. ...?

Nope, it wasn't math.

It was sociability. Yep, sociability. I scored a whopping 1%. lol ... I also scored low in Career Closure (meaning I don't have a frickin' clue what I'm going to do), Study Habits, Math and Science Confidence (what? I haven't taken a math class since 10th grade), Desire to Finish College, Attitude Toward Educators, and Sense of Financial Security.

^_^ 1%. One. I don't know why, but I find that humorous.

Anyway, on to more good news! I finally managed to get Hammerspace hosted. ^___________^ Mucho thanks to my hostess!! Check out the nifty new url here -

I'm really happy that someone was generous enough to host Hammerspace. Now, every site that I plan to continue to maintain is not on an ominous freeserver. There will be no more ads for me, no more of this five popups and javascript set-your-homepage or download-this-now prompts. ^^

Let's see ... what else? Oh yes. I introduced a new NPC into the Factory Default thread today, who is kind of inspired by one of my old assignments, the one where we were supposed to look at everything from an alien perspective. ^_^ I can't mention what little I know of Jain's past, since those are character spoilers, but I can say that the poor boy is mightily confused simply because he hardly knows anything. ^_^;; He doesn't even know things like "boy" and "girl," though for some reason I gave him the knowledge of colors like pink, though not how to make them. ^^;

I haven't read the comic, but since the author/artist described one of the characters with the phrase "common sense of a turnip," I'll definitely have to. I used to like to eat turnips, and the word is definitely fun to say. ^_^

Well, that's my day. Or at least most of it ... I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say, but Nairohe said something that I found humorous and now I've forgotten what I was thinking about. ^^;;

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