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11 April 2006 @ 09:04 pm
I haven't posted three entries in a single day since 02/17/04! Photos from me just wouldn't be complete without a few showing things a little worse for the wear.

Foggy Afternoon Foggy Afternoon Foggy Afternoon


In FFTA Replay news, my clan persists in attracting people with stupid names. My goal for the current game is to create a group of ninjas and assassins (with a few red mages, snipers, and a single summoner for healing thrown in), and this requires Humans and Viera with appellations that reek of sheer awesome. Unfortunately, my newest recruits are Trixie and Lotte. These two are going to become black-clad assassins, but their names are so awful for the profession! Alas!

I'm currently on a battle that is normally quite annoying. The boss has a single area spell, one that Charms your party members. Since the boss is split into multiple jewels around the perimeter of the entire map, no spot is safe. Their physical attacks are very weak, so they will almost always do this spell and laugh while you kill yourself. Yet somehow, by some cosmic gaming accident, I managed to time it so that the laws of the match prohibit Charm! This means that the shinies can't do a damn thing to me! I can waltz around the map and butcher them all at my leisure!
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