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Does a necklace line count towards a farmer's tan?

Dear Xenosaga1 Developers,
Just because you know you're going to make sequels doesn't mean that you can afford to be lazy on wrapping up plot details! It makes your game seem unfinished. I am tempted to be contrary to your plan by not purchasing Xenosaga 2. I do, after all, have the Internet.



Settling back into the data entry routine has left me feeling very melancholy. I am forcing myself to go outdoors and do things, however! Yesterday, I sat on the porch and watched a spring storm send down raindrops to take blossoms back up to the sky, but the watery minions would lose their grip on the treasure they sought, and the petals would bounce upon the earth.

Today, I went and harassed some ducks.

The Park The Park The Park The Park

The Park The Park The Park The Park

The open water supply explains so much about New City, doesn't it? park06.jpg is actually looking through the water to the reservoir bottom. To be fair, the water was reasonably clear, and it seemed as though most of the gunk had fallen to the bottom. There was a coating of trash on one side, though, over where the wind could push no more. Eww!

One of the distinctive features of the park are the two reservoirs that contain the drinking water for much of New City. Visitors are permitted to walk around one of the pair (why they closed the other, I do not know). Because a pencil is all that is necessary, people are prone to scribbling and scratching messages onto the metal guard rail around the entire perimeter. It seems that the grounds crew gave up on removing these way back in the 70s! Most of these notes give phone numbers for a variety of lewd acts, some of them attempt to be deep (and are nearly always mocked for their pedantic efforts), and a few are gang-related or reveal some sort of conflict between neighborhood groups. (The elephant in park08 is some sort of group or gang symbol that I see a lot, actually.)

I wish I could show you these, for between the poetic genius and learning who the best whore down the street is (or was back in 1999), this place was a ton of fun. I did take pictures. But alas, for one reason or another, they did not turn out and are of no use. I'll go back later!
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