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Did I ever mention that I like stripes?

I usually don't go back and delete entries. Removing evidence of my stupidity is far too easy and leaves a false impression of me, and while I am aware that I have an audience (however small), my journal is still what the word implies ... therefore, emotional idiocy is to be expected.

My sobfest the other night, however, has been removed. I was not really embarrassed about the post, nor did I regret writing it, but when I looked at it again in a calmer mood, I did feel uncomfortable with leaving it up. (And that's saying something, considering some of the stuff I've written in the past!) I very rarely speak of the pivotal events of those two summers ... I worried that someone would not understand and might think I was fishing for comfort.


There was a fairly significant car wreck at a major neighborhood intersection this afternoon. I did not linger, but I did see a sedan with a crumpled front and an SUV that had tipped over on its side (presumably from the force of impact). These were surrounded by police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance and a full set of uniformed emergency personnel, who were in turn surrounded by all the neighbors and passer-bys. This attraction, so to speak, drew the locals in from at least two blocks, and I heard whispers of it down my long street.

I had some film that I had been unable to develop due to overtime, and it seemed that this accident caused local bus service to be either disrupted or completely rerouted. Sometimes it seems that avoiding trouble like this is up to the discretion of the bus driver, and so it can be difficult to find out whether or not you'll be able to get on where you are. In this case, I was unable to. I found it impossible to hear potential bus sounds (bad screaming breaks) over the humming of the airborne T.V. crews, so I said to myself, "Ok, we have no bus. What do we have? We have two feet that are functioning just fine. Let's rock!"

On my route, I saw a home having a yard sale. When your lawn is the size of a postage stamp, located on a hill that's been half sliced off for paved space, and only held up from a certain fall due to a dilapidated concrete wall, such an undertaking can be an extreme challenge. I applaud all out of the garage entrepreneurs who attempt such a feat, and I certainly must give kudos to the man who managed to cover every square inch of ground with an object! He squeezed old vacuum cleaners and assorted rubbish/treasures into every available space ... though it seemed only a matter of time before the whole effort collapsed like a house of cards, it was impressive to gaze at.


Because everybody needs pictures of random rusty shacks, I present ... pictures of a particularly awesome random rusty shack (and some other stuff)!

Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff


stuff01.jpg: Hell if I know what whoever was up to, but somebody put some effort into this trash sculpture thingie! I was originally looking for a good backlit shot of a dead tree, but couldn't find a satisfactory angle short of plunging down the hill in a sure ankle breaking move. Then I found this!
stuff02.jpg: On an earlier walk in which I thought I was lost but really never was (I kept on turning right and eventually wound up in familiar territory), I encountered this tree which had the great (mis)fortune of surviving in an urban landscape. I took one or two shots that weren't so dramatically backlit, but I have a secret weakness for backlit photography.
stuff03.jpg: I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts. Who else takes multiple shots of somebody's weatherbeaten shack? It was a really neat-looking one, though. The rust was surprisingly beautiful!
stuff04.jpg: I left this image larger than I normally do (also bigger than the rest of the set), mostly because the textures were much clearer in that size ... and that's the best thing about that one!
stuff05.jpg: Also left larger. They both appear bigger on the web than they do in real life ... I kind of miss being able to develop my own photos from negatives (and thus determine the size of my end product), but I only had experience in black and white developing! I remember hearing that color was a lot more expensive on a small scale as well.

I think I'm going to need coffee and painkillers in order to survive Friday.

[Edit: Holy shit, people! I've posted at least one entry per day for nearly two whole weeks. This is a new habit.]
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