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The Mowing

Several people have recommended "Brave New World" to me, and I finally got around to starting it. Logically, I know that "Our Ford" is Henry Ford of Model T and assembly line fame, but there's this crazy little quirk in the back of my brain that keeps on thinking of Ford Prefect from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" ...

I have more mulch than there is grass in the Serengeti.

I was out in the front yard, struggling just a little bit because the grass was so very long and slightly uphill in the one corner. Some folks groom their lawns in certain directions. They'll crop their grass horizontally one time, vertically the next, on a diagonal afterwards, etc. etc. I don't do that. I mow at random, a habit which is much easier to support on small yards like the ones in New City. I like to surprise the grass, you see, making sure that it has no idea what angle I'm coming from next, so that it can't prepare and attempt to survive the green carnage by lying down flat.

I was going around in strange shapes slightly reminiscent of peanuts, oblivious to just about everything other than the fact that I've never heard the mower make that sound before. When I get focused on one task to the near exclusion of all others, I develop a strange expression that is somewhere between a grimace with my lips pulled back and biting my lower lip. You would think that it is impossible to do these two things at once, but that is not so. There I was, making faces, muttering supportive and potentially threatening statements to the lawnmower, and in general, looking a bit odd, like I usually do.

The house sits on a corner near a busy street. I happened to glance up, and discovered that there were two guys in a black car, grinning their asses off, staring at me. Eh what? There was no oncoming traffic, so they could have turned, but they didn't. They were watching me mow. Is this some new sort of spectator sport? Is mowing an attractive habit in a young female? Perhaps it is just odd to see anyone mowing period? What? What's the attraction here? I don't get it. I averted my eyes and continued with my activity. They finally drove off, which was fortunate, as I then had to upend the lawnmower to clear it out. Maybe they were laughing at my technique? Or perhaps my green hands?

[Edit: Auuugh why must the pseudo-obi bow insist on looking so damn dumb!? That's it! I'm going to bed! Nyah on you, blasted thing!]

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