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My Former Russian Fanclub

Also known as, "In which I mutter about stuff which concerns no one but myself."

You would think that knowing exactly what you are looking for would make things easier, but sometimes it seems to work in reverse.

I'm basically just looking for a supplier of space, clay, glaze (or glaze materials), and a kiln. Am I a master of ceramics? Oh, far from it, but I know enough that I wish to be able to work on my own. I'm not interested in wheelthrowing whatsoever, and I already have a fairly solid foundation in handbuilding technique, so I don't need beginning lessons. I would prefer any low fire approach. We were working on a barrel burning with the last few pots I made, but it was the end of my senior year, and so there was no time for multiple firings. I would like to work on achieving better results.

While I pretty much just want to be left to my own devices, I'm sure that I could still be useful! Once I get back into the swing of things, I have no doubt that I could help whoever or whatever program fire their kilns, or make clay.

The local art center is not offering the raku ceramics class this time ... there's a raku "workshop," but that's only one firing. Not nearly the intensity that I am looking for! Glazing has always been my weak spot (and raku particularly so), so I'd need a lot more practice than that. They do have a class called "Sawdust firing of handbuilt pieces" which could be intriguing ... but it is only four sessions long, and I'm not sure that would be near enough time for me, a slowass potter, to get anything done!

Maybe I should give up on my ceramics hopes for now and look into drawing or weaving classes, since those both seem to have better options available. I want a drawing class with some male models, dammit, so I can learn how to draw men that do not look like women or are potbellied. The drag queens way back when were fun to draw, but useless for that purpose.

I wonder, if I take modern again, should I move up to Modern2? Modern1 has been pretty easy and I'd like a challenge, but then again, I still haven't mastered all the concepts. I can't fall, for example. When I know that it's coming, I anticipate it too much, which means I stiffen up and somehow seem to find every single bone I possess coming into contact with the floor. There's no grace! But then again, enrollment for Modern2 is often very low, and it subsequently gets combined with Modern1. So is there even a point to pondering this?


Asano Rin Updates: I think I may have to rebraid the wig at A-Cen. She took a tumble and is rather fuzzy as a result. Pseudo-obi bow is in progress, and is looking less dorky than it did yesterday. The way it's going, it will require some handsewing (ack!). I definitely need a thimble before I move forward with this, however. New experience has just taught me that the worst place to stab oneself with a needle is right under the nail. Blood, check. Sweat, check. Tears? Missing tears. I haven't cried over this costume yet! I'm going to hope that I never complete this checklist.


Photography envy! The brightness! The colors! The contrast! I vow to one day achieve these heights!!

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