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Apparently, I lack the clearances necessary for life.

1.) For a moment, it almost seemed like I had my old job back (aside from being paid twice as much). My current place of employment is having a big event tomorrow, and I was going to go and take pictures of the attendees. My inner image editor rejoiced, for at last! If the photos turned out blurry, bad, or whatever, I knew that it would be my fault. I thought I was supposed to be the photographer. My supervisor thought I was supposed to be the photographer. The event coordinator thought I was supposed to be the photographer.

At the end of the workday, my Grant Fiasco coworker and I walked into the upstairs office to ask about the dress code. We overheard a bit of discussion. "Mr. Guv is taking pictures." Our presence was noticed. I was taken aside, and it was explained that because I lack Act 33/34 clearances, not only can I not take pictures of participants, I cannot even interact with them. I can't even go help. I am disappointed.

2.) There is a surprising lack of thimbles in New City. I've been to four different places looking for this old fashioned digit guard, and they do not seem to exist nowadays. My best bet would be to brave the longass journey to JoAnn's, but I really don't want to have to pay additional bus fare and spend several hours in transit just for one freaking thimble.

3.) Old Red Bag, survivor of the Great Suicidal Tomato and winner of the Most Often Toted award, has been replaced by a New Red Bag that I insist on wearing backwards.

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