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"I'm going to have to put you on hold."

I've been wearing sweaters/cardigans since high school, but it is only recently that I have picked up on and come to prefer hoodies. I never cared too much for them prior to moving to New City, but since the move, Umbrella and I have been going through a rough period in our relationship. Whenever Umbrella runs out on me, the hoodies are always there to turn to! Umbrella and I will be together for a month or so, during which it rarely rains. Then Umbrella will simply disappear for weeks, months ... time in which it precipitates often, and I simply cannot reach or even find Umbrella, no matter what I do. What does Umbrella do in this time when it has parted from me? Umbrella will not say. I do not know. But it must be much more attractive than my company in the rain, for Umbrella keeps on vanishing for it!


Some of you may remember these entries from October. I had been saving my mother's voice mail messages from that time as a reminder to myself to always take calls from family, and to face responsibility even when there are lots of other things you would rather be doing. But in truth, even months after the event, listening to them caused me pain. Was I keeping them because of that? To punish myself for being weak?

No more. Today, I finally deleted those messages from my cell phone ... I will not forget that I was in the wrong, but I should not continue to berate myself for it!


I seem to be even less capable of creating a straight line when doing any sort of sewing by hand. It looks pretty ghastly, but at this point, I've had a shitty long day (I thought printing from Kinko's was an awful state of affairs until the Supreme Boss Lady decided we should print 3,000 color pages "in-house"), and since it will be hidden, I am almost past caring. As long as the bow stays together and externally looks okay for one con, I'll be able to redo it later. The stitches are so large, even a five year old could take 'em apart. Argh, I still have to pack. Argh, A-Cen!

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