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I successfully managed to change that "Microsoft Internet Explorer Provided by America Online" thing to "Provided by Moouack Modifications," but whenever an ad pops up I blame Moouack before I think. I'm sorry, Moouack. It's not your fault, I know.

Today is beginning badly. Yesterday ended with me in a depressed mood, and it hasn't lifted. ^_^; I've been having trouble sleeping as of late too. It takes me forever just to close my eyes.

I'm such a moron, a twit. I mean, honestly, what was I expecting? I should have known better. And there's really no way I can promote my site other than link exchanges. People can't get to know me over a forum again, so Grep, Scented Angels, and even CAT ... all those, they're useless. I can't bring myself to get into them as much as I did with AGV, can't post so often, yet have a distaste for lurking. AGV was really the only place that could ever happen for me ...

My research paper is a shambled mess. My art projects are messes too, I'm so horribly behind. I know I want to hang my wire man, but I don't know from what or how to construct it. I want to kill him. -_-

There's a new kind of earthworm dying, but they're this awful gray color, and they look slimy. It's weird.

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