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for a few hours, I thought someone was trying to wrench my body apart

I've been toying with the idea of creating a paper copy of my LJ content for a couple years now, but have always been put off by the amount of effort I insist that it requires. Re-reading, editing, and saving nearly 750 entries? Creating a functional layout? I'd also like to attempt binding the finished product myself, to see if I still remember how to do it. I have not had the time and the energy required for all of that, so I persisted in my procrastination. Nothing on the Internet lasts forever, but Livejournal has always been fairly reliable for me, and nothing ever caused me to seriously doubt the safety of their servers.

I was not particularly upset when SixApart bought the site (indeed, I was expecting something to happen in that regard), but the introduction of ads (even if only at certain account levels) has made me somewhat wary of the distant Eljay future. So ... I've finally started to copy the entries that I want to save. Reading through my journal's beginning was absolutely painful! I clearly had not gotten over my rabid fangirl phase, and there's a shitload of "lol," "^_^," surveys, quizzes, etc. There are so many now-broken images! I could not resist going back and deleting a few entries that were quizzes alone, but was too lazy to go and tag the remaining entries (another task I've been meaning to get around to for quite some time), or remove the "- meiel" I used to sign things with. Ugh! I can't believe I was such a rabid Lord of the Rings fan. I was so boring!

Figuring out a way to make a transition from the web page's long verticality to the limit of the paper I will be using, as well as finding a way to include things like links, LJ cuts and so on, has (and will be) a challenge. I haven't even gotten around to making an attractive layout yet! So many people have been trying to bring text up to pace with the potential of the Internet, and here I am, attempting to reverse all their efforts for my own personal project.

D'oh! I meant to make a separate appendix for the comments on entries (I hope this will make sense when it is in hand and not in head), but I forgot to copy the the damned things. I'll have to go back again later.

I'm only done picking through January 2002!


Oh no! My beloved purple stripey thigh high socks have ... a hole! It was bound to happen, but ... but ... a hole! In my favorite pair of socks! Oh woe!

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