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Ligers and tigons and grolar bears! Oh pie!

Apparently, my ability to try "just one more" guess on a computer problem when everyone else has given up has earned me the temporary title of "I.T. Support."

... please excuse me, there's some laughing I need to be doing!

Holy smokes, ladies and gentlemen, I just got a whopping twenty-eight dollars on my tax return! This is better than the six bucks a couple years back!

This photo has been totally edited, mostly to save your eyesight by removing some of my Super Shine Power. As the Geeked Avenger, you see, I have an amazing super ability where my face can reflect all light at twice its original brightness, no matter what! I was too tired to edit out the funky flash distortion or red eye ... but not too tired for PIE! Pretend that the ocular issues are actually evil gleams. If you search through all 120+ something pages of Al's photos and find the original, I'll applaud you ... and then I'll scream in horror when my own forehead blinds me yet again. Whoops! Forgot not to look.

There was an office-wide brain death epidemic today, and I think it got me ...

[Edit: I just totally pwned whowantscookies in a phone conversation. He'll never admit to it in public, so I've got to document it here! When he expressed doubts about my dancing capability, I told him precisely how much I've trained in the past! I win.]

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