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each gutter is practically a new major tributary

It's a good thing I like ducks, for as much rain as we've been getting around here, I am probably going to turn into one. Quack! The only thing that convinces me that my duck transformation is a long way off is the fact that I'm not warm and I can't get warm. My blanket does contain the feathers of some bird-like creatures, but that does not make me any more ducky than I usually am.

For once being selected as a "National Young Leader," I am a pathetic voter. I feel guilty when I do not vote, and only slightly less dirty when I cast an uneducated ballot, as I did today. Initiate forehead smack!

I used to be of the belief that there was not much point in dusting frequently since more dust would appear, and as long as you did not disturb the thick layer that built up on things, you would be fine. No one would know that the solid coating was actually not a shelf's true surface if they did not touch it! Well, I just decided to dust my desk, and have concluded that I should not wear black pants next time the urge to clean strikes, and I should mend my ways and rid my living space of the gray matter on a far more regular basis. What was on my desk alone just killed a Swiffer. I am profoundly grateful that I am not allergic to much, because if dust or animal dander were an issue, I'd have coughed once and croaked. I would have gone on to another plane of existence with that poor Swiffer.

[Edit: My favorite and only recurring meme!

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:abiona
Your haiku:man what a pity
i keep getting this nagging
feeling that i wish
Created by Grahame

It ... makes sense? I think it makes sense! Whoa, this is the first time this thinger has ever produced something that sounds somewhat coherent!]

[Edit Again: Due to confidentiality concerns and a high turnover rate, nobody at Cave Inc. knows anything they don't absolutely need to know, and they often don't know things they really should know. A "why" is an ultimate secret.

So when coworkers disappear, what are we to think? ... ALIENS!]

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