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Look at this! stefan_ and I walked past it, I think, and now my desire to go on the tour has doubled! It looks holy cow awesome!

I always knew that capturing the quality of light was difficult, but I didn't think catching a glimpse of the source itself would be so much of a pain. When I got out of work today, the sun appeared before New City, like a tease, like a deer before a hunter who is an awful shot, like a promise that is too good to be true. But what the hey, you know, so I zipped home, grabbed the new-to-me camera, and headed out without pausing to catch my breath.

My original intention was to head back to this bridge, but the skies grew gloomy before I ever made it that far. I contented myself with taking pictures of interesting trash and concrete erosion, most of which turned out pretty blurry, as the camera seems to sense even the smallest breath, breeze, or blink. I need to invest in a tripod at some point! I was in a rush, so I did not read the manual or fiddle around much, and most of the shots turned out pretty dark again.

There's only one shot of blatant urban decay in here, so if that sort of thing is not your style, avoid rainymay10.jpg, and you may click without fear. It's mostly rain and wet things. The pipes in rainymay12.jpg reminded me of aliens ... I've been on a bit of an extraterrestrial-themed kick lately.

Rainy May Rainy May Rainy May Rainy May

Rainy May

[Edit: I recently found the Leaning Tower of Table/BAWLS pictures mentioned in my Tekkoshocon writeup. I am fond of this one, because Caleb (fellow in the red sleeves) is floating like he is in a commercial. whowantscookies's expression in this one is definitely a classic. We all look fairly sane in this one. Ah, fun times!]
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