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Indulge me just this once.

One of the major things that took place at A-Cen 2k6 was my acceptance of my ass(ets). I have come to terms with at least one more part of my anatomy.

The Stripey Pants
Is that mine ...?

The Stripey Pants
Why yes! Yes it is!

The Stripey Pants
Flip-floppin' it in the hallway.

The Stripey Pants
Lady, my duck is way cooler than yours. Can yours blow bubbles? Or light up? Nuh-uh. Didn't think so.

The Stripey Pants
After arguing with the weird old woman, I grabbed my scooter and scooted off to a fun luncheon with ...

The Stripey Pants
... the Presidents! Hey Nixon, how's it goin'? Note Lincoln sittin' in the way back, trying not to associate with one of the most infamous of his bretheren. Drama!

The Stripey Pants
She did not need to see the dead cats lining the hallway. She kind of creeped me out, too, so she didn't need to see me either.

The Stripey Pants
I like my glasses here.

The Stripey Pants
This is one of my favorites. I had to have a little help to get up on that ledge, but it was well worth it!

The Stripey Pants
I have no idea what I was doing, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Stripey Pants
This hallway is so ugly and yet so cool!

The Stripey Pants
I love my flip flops, but I had to take 'em off. That particular pair is quite old and offers very little traction, so I was sliding around like mad.

The Stripey Pants
Dramatic pose to signify the end! We went and ingested lots of pizza after this.

All pictures are by etoileeyes, additional edits are by me. Pants were provided by erikadoor, who owns many pairs of crazypants.
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