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... apparently, my accent alters "caulk" into something a little more lewd.

Dream One:
My scalp had been excruciatingly tender when brushing it, so I parted it differently, only to find a large, L-shaped incision where hair no longer grew. It was very red, though appeared to be otherwise healed ... what troubled me most was the fact that I could not remember it ever being there.

Dream Two:
The next night featured lots of people getting eaten by a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex. This dinosaur was at least twice the size of normal T-rexes, so why it wanted to devour little things like us, I will never know. We were all hiding in a concrete tunnel, and eventually, we heard its footsteps begin to recede. We ventured closer to the exits, and even stepped outside. At the last minute, I had a vision of this enormous dino only pretending to sneak away while snickering to its toothy self, so I turned right back around and hunkered down in the tunnel for a good long wait. Better to be safe than sorry, right? This was most fortunate, as all my companions got chomped immediately after I sought shelter.


Once upon a time, I used to own all of the Nintendo hand-helds. I got behind after the first GameBoy Advance, and while my collection is not currently complete, I am at least up to date: that's right, I finally got a DS. There's one funky red pixel on the LCD screen, but that's just how I'll tell that this particular one is mine.

I immediately obtained a copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Originally, I wanted to name my new town "New Klatford," after the crazy camp of gorillas created by the Quad of Sin/Absolute Destiny Apocolypse, but that had too many letters! I had to settle for "Lenaburg," named after Lenakaty, our first character. "Linguini," my first choice in character name, was also too long, so Ziti it was. Still pasta, still good!

nyxdae, hypertechie, remember the damned animals doing aerobics? Remember how Nook worked poor little Lenakaty's rear off, and then threw her out in the cold? You'll be pleased (I think) to know that Tom Nook is still a big meanie. I've decided that he's probably some sort of local crime lord, as well. After he terminated poor (broke) Ziti's employment, I landed in two pitfalls in less than six hours. It's Nook, I tell you, Nook! He's trying to get rid of her!

Other than that, I'm surprised by how few residents you start out with.

There's Lobo, a cranky wolf who fancies himself to be a top-notch private eye (but only when the sun is down). "Wait a minute ... You're that heinous villain, the Coconutter!" Why yes, Lobo! Your amazing skills have found me out! But you'll never find out who I work for! Oh wait, this town has only four residents, myself included. That means you already know. Damn!

We also have Roald, who is completely nuts. He says "weak sauce" on a regular basis. He's got a "Jock" personality, but he's a freaking penguin, so I am obligated to love him.

Finally, there is Maple. Big Nook forced Ziti to send a letter to her in order to promote his store. In it was the threat that if she did not buy from Nook's to support the family business, he would turn her into syrup. It's kind of a pity we have no horses in Lenaburg.


I also obtained Nintendogs (Lab and Friends version), partially because I know so many people with it, and partially because it's so freaking cute.

My initial impression of it is that I have purchased a high-tech Tamagotchi. Remember those? Those little egg-shaped keychains with the little digital "pet" that ate, played, and poo'ed constantly, and if you didn't take proper care of it, it would either starve to death/drown in its own excrement/croak? Though the Tamagotchi was merely black and white, their usual lifespan was somewhere around twenty days. A definite up for when you want to start over! Nintendogs seem to live forever, somewhat like that Star Wars knockoff Tamagotchi I had ... it was Yoda, and he would not die, no matter what we did to him. We had to take the batteries out on him ...

... anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Dance assume I'm talking to myself when I'm on the phone or chiding the cat, so I don't know what they'll think when they hear me going "Ducky! Ducky! Ducky! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!" over and over and over again! I'm not sure if I have the patience to teach the digidog tricks.

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