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Cemeteries serve no purpose for the dead. Rather, they exist to ease the transition of loss for the living. So many plaques whose names have been worn clean by water and wind, so many markers which, without the paper record or the memories of family, may just be a stepping stone, and not a grave. The grass encroaches, old twigs and lawn cuttings pile high. No one now lives who remembers, and nature forever moves to take back its own.

Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery

Loomfield is a neighborhood which is more than a little scruffy around the edges. But in its closely spaced houses facing both street and alley, high-set doors which are only accessible by stairs and proximity to what must have been the factory in the neighborhood, it contains a glimpse of what New City once was before steel moved out and blight moved in, scattering those who could afford it to suburbia.

The factory appeared to be out of use, and it had many signs advertising a $50 reward for "information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person maliciously destroying this company's property." I wonder, if it was still an active part of the community, would such defacement be a problem? Several of its glass cube windows had been partially smashed and then filled in with concrete. An effective means of preventing further breakage, I suppose, but rather unattractive.

I located the first shot in a "recreation area" that was tucked behind the factory facility and underneath a bridge. Aside from that one, the others were more in the open around the recreational center's main building and pool facility. They have more effort put into them than a lot of stuff I've seen elsewhere in New City, so I suspect that they may have been commissioned at some point. I want to edit the permanent marker out of bfield03.jpg to make the face behind it easier to see.

Loomfield Loomfield Loomfield Loomfield

Finally, here are my two new favorite alleys: Parsley Way (they must have named it after my infamous Crusaderator in Ragnarok Online!) and Orwell Way.
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