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... the cat's in the sink and the world's all right

But would it kill you to let me have another couple inches in the attic?

I feel like I'm eating myself alive, though I do not know if hunger, boredom, or fear of inertia drives it. I pour water and walks into myself, yet I'm never satisfied. My sleeping habits are currently out of whack again, thanks to the sudden heat wave and a persistent abundance of unanswered thoughts lingering in my mind ... this no doubt contributes to my mood. Up at one, up at three, up at four! Why must six follow so closely at the heels of five?

I went back to the reservoir this evening, and though it was too late in the day for my shaky hands to get many pictures, I did nab a few of flowers growing through the lining of the pool. The last shot is of the water fountain, which is the first I have seen actually working in over a year. It was not so bad, although the thought that it might have come unfiltered directly from the source but a short distance away was a little scary ... there are duck feet in the drinking water!

Reservoir Flowers Reservoir Flowers Reservoir Flowers

Finally had a moment to sit and work a little more on this doodle. I'm hating the dress right now ... why, oh why, did I not stick with my original idea to have it black/ivory/pale gold? It's definitely too late to take it back now! I'll just add more pen ...
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