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Second City Second Trip

Tonight I shall speak to ye of highlights and photography, for I am, alas, too tired to give you a more detailed entry. I kept on falling asleep during my journey back home ... I missed all my favorite parts, like the plane takeoff, or seeing New City from across the river. Oh well.

Philly Philly Philly Philly

Philly Philly Philly Philly

philly13.jpg is my new favorite. I've taken a lot of shitty photos this year, but now I've at least two that are going in my "damn awesome" books.

Prior to rollerskating, Friday was very soggy. I did better than my goal of only falling once ... I didn't tumble at all! I had some very near misses, but somehow remained on my feet. As I have just relearned how to operate my body as a whole while on wheels, I am downright amazed by the things some folks can do ... weird stretches, hip shaking and traveling in grooving schools, skating tighter than fish can swim.

On Saturday, I learned the wonder that is JoMar's. It is not a play on the JoAnn's store chain and three_marlanas's name. No, it is something better!

A movie-watching moment in which the timing was so excruciatingly perfect:
Female Character: I have disgraced you and your father!
brilliantnova: So jump off a cliff!!

And without a pause, not even a breath could be taken ... as though she had heard through the screen, she did.

Sunday was much happy wandering, over too soon. New City responsibilities called me back.

A big thank ye goes to whowantscookies, three_marlanas and jezeroth for being awesome hosts, and stefan_ for showing me around on Sunday morning.

[Edit: WTF? I have two rechargeable batteries, I was unable to bring one with me because it was still sucking up juice when I left the house at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning. Two days later, it is ... still going.]
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