February 16th, 2002

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Well, it turns out what I thought was a spontaneous Valentine's Day gift from someone wasn't actually from them after all, which rather sucks. Someone named "Thom" had sent me a bag of stuff from the local confectionary shop, which rather confused me. As it happens, it's actually from my mother. She had called the shop on her cellphone, and instead of writing down "Mom" they heard "Thom," and the rest is history.

... ::sigh:: ...

My grandmother sent me a phone card. Do you think she just might be hinting at something? It's really too bad that I still have like four or five 100 minute phone cards (dating from the beginning of the school year) left to use up before I get to hers. It's not like I have people to call back home, and I'm usually not in a mood to entertain my parents line of questioning on my classes. -_-

Other Random Announcements. New LJ icon, of another piece by Alphonse Mucha. Also in the news, I think I'm going to see Amelie tonight ... with a group of gals, none of whom I can remember the names of. ^_^;;
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