March 10th, 2002

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I'm home for Spring Break now, which looks to be as dull as Winter Break was. But that's the way it goes! It was a beautiful seventy-something degrees when I left campus on Friday, but Saturday turned into an extremely windy below twenty. (How windy? My mother's Honda Civic, a rather low and fairly aerodynamic car, was shaking and jerking in the gusts.) It was rather unexpected, so like the dolt I am I failed to bring a coat when we went down to Indianapolis to support my former Mock Trial teammates ... there was some huge Top Ten basketball thing going on really close to the County/City Building, so we had to park a block or two away and run across gravel parking lots to the building. Ooeeee, that was freezing.

The opposing council for the trial I watched was composed of a bunch of absolute witches ... ugh, that's the one thing I really, really dislike about Mock Trial. People get inspired by TV shows and think that being overly aggressive and downright domineering with your witness is the way to go. I find it on the whole irritating and unnecessary. To be quite honest, the only people who act like that are the "defendants" on a show like Judge Judy, which isn't at all like a true criminal or civil trial. Idiots ...

Anyway. I need to do a lot of laundry today, unfortunately ... it's one of my least favorite chores, but it does need to get done (especially since I only brought home dirty clothes from school, lacking room for anything else). I need clean clothes for tomorrow, and have no time on that morning in which to do them.

Let's see ... on Monday, I get to go see my regular physician, which I haven't in awhile, mostly to verify that I've stopped growing, as well as to check out some other problems that have suddenly sprung up in the past two months. Then, I get to go see my surgeon (also haven't seen him in years), and maybe (if I've stopped growing) schedule an appointment for sometime over the summer to get all the workings in my inner ear reconstructed. (Woot! Not only will I be able to hear in sort-of surround sound, but I'll have balance as well! What a concept!) Then there's the lovely dentist. I don't really hate going to the dentist, but I find it rather tiresome at times. For example, they ask you about your grades while they're sitting there, hands in your mouth, preventing you from answering with any amount of actual words. Then, to end the day, I get to go see how my Anju costume is coming along, and have a fitting as well! I've found some stuff to bring to Laura, I hope she finds it useful.

I finally got a new sketchbook, no thanks to the school bookstore. They seem incapable of understanding the concept of restocking after you run out of a particular item.
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