March 12th, 2002

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I feel rather like giggling as a madman would. This may have something to do with the time at which I have decided to "write" in this thing (1:11 a.m. on little sleep ... perhaps I should attempt to stay up for a full 24 hours? Whee!), the fact that I recently read a page which cutely debated on who the biggest flirt in VHD is, or maybe even that someone responded to a comment I left in their LJ, as I didn't think they'd do.

Today's routine is over. As I said, I had some blood drawn for testing, and I have to go back later this week in order to see what, if anything, is precisely wrong in my bloodstream. Apparently, several of my problems that have sprung up recently might be able to be attributed to something that's going on in my bloodstream. Getting the blood pulled wasn't so bad ... I wasn't expecting it to have to happen today, but it wasn't awful. I guess I'm of the persuasion that if one sits down, shuts up, and does as asked, things will be over quite quickly.

I had a hearing test today, and it seems that my hearing has actually gotten worse since they last tested it, although not by drastically terrible amounts. The "nerve is good" and my comprehension level is high despite my difficulties, so they think that surgery has a very good chance of improving my existing hearing, although it won't correct it entirely.

It's been scheduled tentatively for May 28th, I think. I'll be out of commission for roughly a week. They had originally wanted to schedule it on the 21st, but that's my 19th birthday. Unfortunately, I'll be missing Sho's birthday to go to the surgical center at six-thirty a.m. for a seven-thirty surgery ... the traditional routine now is that you show up two hours before your surgery, but the center doesn't open that damn early. I guess my non-morning-person qualities will make the sedation a lot easier on everyone ...

Hearing tests = weird times. With plugs and wires running through things stuck in your ears, you're shut in a little, square sound-proof chamber with a small window before you, a person pressing buttons and you supposedly pressing one in response to each sound you hear. A lot of what I did with my left ear was guesswork, I admit. I wasn't really sure I was hearing what I was supposed to be hearing, but I thought "that feels different," or "the vibration's a bit odder," and I'd press the button anyway. I also kept on thinking that I was hearing things when there was nothing to be heard, but fortunately I did not press the button.

I had to repeat some words she said in quick order ... some I managed just fine, other she had to repeat twice, still others I have no clue if I even came close, and some were utterly hopeless. I wonder if all the time I spent in choir was helpful in this regard ... I may return to choir next year. I dunno.

I kind of wonder what it will be like to be able to hear out of both ears. I call it "semi-surround sound hearing." I've kind of gotten used to the way things are now ... for example, I always sleep on my left side, since I can't hear anything brushing against the pillow or the sheets that way, and thus my good ear is also up and ready to catch something should someone come to the door.

I've decided that after ac2k2, I'm going to try to learn how to sew on my own. It will be much cheaper this way - I won't have to pay myself for labor costs. I almost feel as though I can't discuss price or anything like that with the lady who's helping me out by sewing costumes for me because she is a friend. I know she knows what she's talking about, and as a friend, I can trust that she deserves what she asks for.

Anju is almost done ... looks lovely so far, and a few things are being corrected (such as skirt length). I can have it for my own on Thursday. I am kind of worried about the shirt material she chose, though ... she's right, it is great for theatre, or on a stage, but that's not really where I'm going to be ... I fear that people will harangue me about the fact that it's not absolutely white and it's not matte.

Silvermask says to point out that they should prioritize their complaining - look to the bearded men in Sailor fukus first.

Anyhoo ... that's what my summer is going to be, I've decided. 1.) Attempting to work more, so that I can afford to go to AWA and meet Bara and Co. 2.) learn how to sew (I've selected a costume that I adore and hope won't be too too difficult ... ::worries::), and 3.) get back in shape, preferably by swimming ... I was once good at that! lol. Notice the order.

There is so much to do over Spring Break, and I don't feel like doing any of it. But I can't afford to put it off any longer ... alas ...
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