April 11th, 2002

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I got linked on Exploding Dog!!

(I love that site.)


Excuse me while I'm weird for a second. Yayayayayayayayayay!! Wheeee! ::does a jig:: I wonder if he keeps that list up for a long time ... mein gott, that's great! Exploding Dog is a site that I've been visiting for a couple of years straight now. ^.^


I nearly fell asleep during Critter today, but oddly enough Design Orientation made up for it. It's a lovely day outside, really lovely. I was outside for most of the class, partly planning my next project out on my sketchpad, but mostly watching the others (who had a propane torch ... XD). The fumes from the stuff we were melting kind of gave me a headache, but it's over now. It was nice to be outside for so long ... I go outside so rarely. ^^;

I like being at school when I'm an art student, even when I'm scared of the things I have to do. I love my drawing class ... I really hope I get the schedule next year that I want to. It's going to be great. It's all art, all the time, with the exception of an American Film class. ^_^ All of my classes next year are two hours long, too! I dunno why I'm happy about this but I am. ^^;;

We got a huge room during RoomDraw, too. *_* Two more windows! SPACE! It's going to be great.

A-Cen is coming up really soon too, now there's approximately a week left until we leave for Chicago. ^___^ I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. I loved A-Cen last year very much, with the exception of the horrible Masquerade audience. I'm going to get Pocky, and some soundtracks ... *_*
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