April 17th, 2002

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"Can't see through this, too much pressure"

While on the whole this CD irritates the hell out of me (and still I'm memorizing the lyrics), sometimes I feel like that. I've certainly had moments the past two days where that seemed to be my mantra, though I appear to have successfully struggled my way through it. My final "worry" class today is coming up soon, and I'm as prepared now as I'll ever be. I just hope that I don't fall asleep when we make our presentation in front of the class ... last night, I was up until about four a.m. (I don't know how long it took me to get to sleep afterwards), and I got up at eight. The night before I went to bet at three a.m. and arose at seven. Urk.

Good news - we leave for A-Cen tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get out of my Design Orientation class. I have a lot to do today ... I should make a checklist again. I've made checklists the past two days and they've helped me recall everything that I've been meaning to do. I think I need to do laundry, get money, get packed, and gather necessary bits of information.

Drawing Orientation was fun today, we did studies on abstracted shapes and whatnot. I did pretty well, though I need to finish a couple of pieces ... heck, I still need to finish pieces from a couple of weeks ago. @_o; I need to create more of a ... well, crap. I'll remember what I need to do when I look at it (I hope).

It started hurting to draw after awhile, and when I went to go rinse the black pastel off my hands, I saw why. I had been exerting so much pressure, I now had a large blister on the first knuckle of my index finger where none had been before. This is the first blister I've ever had. ^^; I can't believe I got it from drawing! I kept on thinking that it would be the result of shoes.

I guess I'm going to need to work on having a softer touch at times ... hehe ... I've always known that I do things with much pressure, considering how hard I write (imprints of the words can be seen for the next couple of pages usually), and how often I've broken my pastel sticks. Every one that I've used except for the yellow and dark green has been broken - and the black one has been broken twice!

::sigh:: I was going to draw more today since I've been doing pretty damn well this week compared to some weeks, but I guess I'll give it a rest. ^_^;
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