May 22nd, 2002

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FYI, folks, I'm going out of town this weekend with my family, and then the day after I get back I'm going into surgery, after which I shall be placed down in the (finished, fully furnished) basement where I can be easily accessed (since my room is full of boxes). It might be difficult getting back up the stairs to the computer ... last time I had surgery, I was motion-sick lying still in bed. So, take this to mean that I might not be updating for awhile after this Friday.

I've been playing as my Evil Acolyte on Ragnarok this evening. I keep on envisioning her marching off full of spite for most and determination to heal the cute and the weak, lol ... speaking of, I healed monsters tonight! *_* I healed many Rockers and Creamies, and then decided to march off to the desert in order to do battle.

That's when it happened. The second person ever asked me to heal them today! Here's a rough approximation of the conversation -

Person - Heal plz.
Kowaiyo - Will you pay me?
Person - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... forget to heal me :)

I think that after this, I'm going to keep a list. I doubt my list will be too long, though - my acolyte's name seems to scare most people off (appropriately enough) XD.

I'm beginning to come up with the Code of Conduct for Evil Acolytes. Let's see, what have I thought of so far ...

Healing Procedures
1.) You do not heal just anybody for free.
2.) When bored and thus healing random individuals, you may not heal anyone with strange capitalizations, excessive punctuation, underscores, or any other symbol in their name.
3.) A monster takes priority over the player. Heal the Poring over the bot. Heal the Fabre over the guy who just "helped" you with a Chonchon. And yes, heal the undead - they look rather rotting, and killing 'em is probably the best thing that you could do.

Dealing with Humanity Procedures
1.) When attacking a Pupa (or a PecoPeco Egg, Thief Bug Egg, etc.), should you find yourself under duress from "helping" idiots, first inform them of your "Don't Help Me and I Won't Help You" policy, and then become agitated. Shout - "Back off! BACK OFF, OR I'LL HEAL THE PUPA!" If they do not desist, put plan into action.

I need some more ...
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