June 23rd, 2002

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Good Things -

1.) My grandmother's luggage has arrived and is now in her possession.
2.) The woodworking website is looking much better now. Still a long way to go, but much better.
3.) I met up with rynamyn by accident in RO. This marks the third good-luck meeting associated with Livejournal or group blog users - jean, Pera from Poring Juice, and now Ryn.
4.) Jonquil, my Loki merchant, has finally gotten her cart! She walks slow as all hell now, but she looks cute, the cart is fun to play with, the cart wheel goes around, and heck, with the lag, I never move that fast anyway. I can live with a bit of slowness.
5.) There are Fruit Rollups in the house.
6.) I've finally come up with a satisfactory outfit design for Thira, a new character of mine (as usual, a character without a story). The case for her stringed instrument is still puzzling me (as is a name for the instrument itself).
7.) I've left customers_suck. Though I enjoyed reading some of the stories and was sympathetic with my fellow sufferers, they kind of overwhelmed my friends list. ^^;
8.) I have two new sketchbooks, and new charcoal (this is really good for next school year ... 'cause I snapped all my charcoal sticks into at least two pieces, due to the high amount of pressure I tend to draw with. ^^; So this means less to buy later.)
9.) I have books to read.
10.) Theophrastus Bombastus (a character in a story I wrote my Junior year) still amuses me.
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