July 3rd, 2002

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I figured out how to get on the Internet on this computer. XDXD

Only downside is that the dialup is extraordinarily loud. o_o;;
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Ok, so I finally figure out how to sign onto the Internet at work, and who should show up but my mother to take me home? Alas, I didn't get to muck about as I should have. On the positive side, however, I did win two out of two games of Solitare that I played, quite handily. Then again ... I don't do scoring and I don't keep time, so ... ^_^;

I learned something at work today, and that is the fact that I'm not into jazz, particularly this "Warren Hill." There's too much of the wailing, "emotional" sax in it for me to handle, too many note combinations that remind me of other songs that I like better, and it all sounds way too damn much like the elevator music they play on the Weather Channel during "Your Local Forecast" and the local radar.

Quotes Concerning the "Smooth Jazz" favored by my boss -

"Oh, God, this song could've been over three minutes ago and have communicated just as much."
"What the hell, more sax? Doesn't he play anything else? If the man's an 'artist,' he should experiment!"
"Okay, that's enough of that. ::fast forward::"
"Well, I heard 'I wanna be Nixon,' but it was actually 'I wanna be next to you.'"
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