July 14th, 2002

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Magical Freakin' Swevening. *

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Is it a compliment when drunk people really, really like your work? o_O

So, I'm back from the Magical Freakin' Swevening. This trip has confirmed my long-held suspicion that the only reason whatsoever to go camping in Indiana is to get drunk off your rocker in the company of other folks doing the same, so the trip was a bit interesting for me (as I was one of two individuals not drinking). While the others were drinking themselves into oblivion or into pure silliness, I was either drawing or staring into the fire ... I went through the rest of my new sketchbook, resulting in a quest through fifty miles of cornfields to find the closest Walmart.

Well, I should start from the beginning. We got lost on the way there, but successfully arrived at the campground (albeit much later than we had at first intended to). I would not camp there again had I a choice, the trek to the flushing toilets was far, far longer than promised, the playground was kind of sucky, and the beach has actually been inaccessible (or closed) for the past three years, and will continue to be so for two more. o_O

Sakaki - ::SNEEZE:: Oh god, Nature.

Anyway, we got there, and guess who got there with me? Yes, that's right, dear ol' Aunt Flo, who usually visits around that time of the month but was so late this month, I had figured that she wasn't coming. I about panicked, because that time of the month is usually pretty awful for me - we wound up obtaining Midol's Cramp Formula on our long, winding Walmart trip, but strangely enough, I didn't need it. o_o Except for the morning after my period started, I felt no pain and no nausea. I don't know my body now. O_o No constant pain, nausea, or cramping? Who's taken me over??

Oh, before I forget, I should mention our fellow campers, who were a bit nutty. They looked to be members of a LARP (Live-action role play) at first, but later I realized that they were merely using the "more medieval" setting in which to drink like mad. They came over and greeted us, and I found it quite amusing that we, in regular street clothes, were referred to as "naked," though their "more medieval" clothing mainly consisted of ornamented bathrobes, nightgowns, and artistically draped sheets.

Of this group, there was an individual known to us as "Ryan," or "Shades." He seemed nice enough (although apparently he's done just about every drug there is to do in Indiana), and all was well, until the second night arrived.

That's when things got weird, as far as he was concerned.

I've never seen anyone drink so damn much hard liquor and still stand up straight, although by his tenth mug of the "grog," he was losing it. He had been remarkably lucid but all that was going down the hill, and we rather wanted to be rid of him, as he wanted to sit on the tupperware container full of water that could not hold his weight.

He began talking about how he was alcoholically attracted to me, and how I was the sexiest, hottest woman there. He asked me if I could sleep, knowing that I was the hottest woman there. I said, "I think I'll manage" and vanished from the area, running after some friends who had walked off searching for some friends who had wandered off with firecrackers while drunk.

He was escorted off our campground and zipped into his tent, but he came back, reportedly telling my friends that he understood me, and that I understood him, because I was Japanese, and I had that "Japanese understanding."

So I guess I have achieved my goal of convincing someone, during my lifetime, that I am Japanese. This is, however, not a true victory to me - one, he was drunk off his ass, and two, I didn't even try. It hadn't occurred to me, besides the fact that as someone of mostly English and German descent, I look so American, I scream Midwestern Corn Child. Ah well.

I'm sad that in real life, I only attract weirdos and drunkards. T_T;;;;

I'm really smelly, yuck. The working water was such a trip that we didn't bother brushing our teeth, and the term "showers" could only be applied to the "showers" in the most kindly, exaggerated of senses. There was no swimming since the dam was in a state of repair, so basically you had drunk/hungover people hanging around the fire at night, or in the full heat of the sun during the day. We're all quite ripe.

You probably already knew this, but:
ground = hard = me waking up at seven a.m.

Now, for quotes from the weekend. Note - the digits are appended to "friends" only to separate individuals, the same number may not refer to the same person in more than one quote.

Friend1 - Illinois is better than Indiana!!
Sakaki - That's only because you think you live there.
::a pause ensues::
Friend2 - ::whispers:: Was that intentional?
Friend3 - Were you trying to confuse him?
Friend1 - ... I know I live there, dammit!!

"This is nothing compared to when I was in somebody's closet, curled in a fetal position."

DrunkPerson1 - Don't burn that, that'll be noxious fumes!!
DrunkPerson2 - Hell yeah it is!

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"Lay down on your back. LAY DOWN ON YOUR BACK."


"The first time was a dare, the second was just to make sure."

Friend1 - But that's not fat like a bumblebee.
Sakaki - It was fat.
Friend2 - Before I squished it.

"You came along 'cause some goo mixed together."

* Swevening: noun. A term encompassing the entire weekend but emphasizing the evening in which vodka bottles are a bit less obvious and in which people get mindlessly drunk.
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