August 20th, 2002

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I used to collect stickers.

JEAN! I have this little bottle (it's not really miniature ... just comparatively small) of Downy softener! Do you want it? Or maybe they sell them everywhere. I found it at Target ... it was attached to a bottle of detergent (forget what kind ...). They have Targets in Texas, right? o.O

Speaking of Jean, I stole the following LJ cut idea from her. ^_^

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And now, since this seems to be the thing to do, I present to you ...

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And sh!t. I hated my job at the Alumni and Development office last year ... and here is my boss, offering it to me again. I have to let her know as soon as possible whether or not I can do it. I really don't know what to do. -_- I was really bored out of my mind, but it was easy work that I could do. Also, (more importantly) I'm a work-study student, so I have to work in order to pay off part of my scholarships. If I turn this down, I may or may not get a job elsewhere, nothing's guaranteed. -_- The school paper job doesn't count, that's more a display of masochism, and pay is unreliable. I think everything's going to go well this year except as far as employment goes. o_O;
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