October 8th, 2002

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::cackles evilly::

Yet another new Tralala look ... this one has color! I'm much happier ... I'm really a color addict, through and through. The background should hopefully look decent in some higher resolutions ... but was made for those of us who use the good ol' 800x600. ::becomes stubborn and refuses to give it up::

The background is a horribly edited version of this picture, which I spent the weekend on. There's some soft light going on for this background, some layering ... overall, I think I like the background version of this picture better than the original. The original was supposed to be a pseudo-self-portrait (my hair isn't that thick ... XP), and as a result I selected cooler grays for the skin ... but having the whole deal warmed up just looks better, methinks, since otherwise I was going for a warm scheme.

I actually had some real stuff to post, but I lost it when I restarted my computer in hopes of making my Internet connection work again (a forlorn hope, and one that backfired, actually ... couldn't log into AIM afterwards. XP) ... and I don't remember what a majority of it was. ^_^;; I'll try to think some more, but I'm making no promises at the moment. Nyah!
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