November 5th, 2002

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I had very little decent sleep last night ... actually, it was the worst night I've had in awhile. I kept on waking up over and over again, tossing and turning when not conscious. XP Despite that, and despite the fact that I didn't get a chance to play FFVIII today, I think it was a fairly good day. Time seemed to pass quickly, no matter where I was.

I invited Ray to sit with Jon and me at lunch today, though he had to leave early. I assured him we didn't mind, and so he came and sat with us, which was nice. I felt good that I had extended a friendly hand ... I've decided that I'm going to be friendlier towards the art majors ... for although I am a loner, I dislike being lonely. XP While I shall never be comfortable around large groups of people, I bet I can find a few good friends in my School if I at least try. : P

I had a really amusing time at dinner ... Charles sat with us, and we were cracking up over LARP stuff, as well as his "voodoo apple," which was sour because of my negativity and represented my fake grin as a bruise. : P I've attended two LARPs ... Charles has died both of those times. I will probably never let him live this down. XD

I really, really wished that I had been the one to do the Japanese Costuming/Clothing section in Non-Western Art History. I don't think that the guy who did it went into enough depth ... that, and his pronunciation of simple things like "Momoyama" made me wince. >.> Although I realize that we are in the sea of Midwesterners who pronounce "Eldorado" as "El - door - aiy - doe," and that some of this inability to pronounce things will inevitably rub off on us ... still ... it was pretty bad. >.>;

In Computer Art/Design Orientation, I was reading a poster which was discussing the worst things you could possibly do while marketing on the web. One of these was to have a horribly long url because [insert many reasons here], for "you will lose viral business." Oops! Can we say someone forgot to proofread? XD I was vastly amused by this typo, which worked so perfectly with a silly little layer thingie that I had to do ... so I merged the two together! "Some typos make the world an interesting place."

I'm proud to announce my first weird email, other than the one which was sent by no one, to me, containing no text whatsoever. This weird email consisted entirely of the single sentence, "send it my way please ???". That's it! I have no idea what they're talking about. : D

Mag, are you responsible for this in any shape or form? o_O I'm just about dead certain you've contributed to "the cause" somewhere along the line.

When at work today, I had to proofread a helluva lot of pages for a website targeting elderly people, wanting them to donate in whatever way possible, in hopefully copious amounts, to the university. It was one of the most difficult things I've had to do ... because it was frankly rather disturbing. It felt like I was abruptly able to read another language ... all of a sudden, I could see all these subconscious hints they were planting, subtle one-ups and guilt trips. Quiet insinuations and the silent, lurking use of unnamed fears, the pride, and the emotions of the "target audience" were all very obvious to me. They even made up people to illustrate their points in "stories," "people" which were all too clearly manufactured to manipulate the emotions of the target audience.

I think I wrote more cynical comments than typo notations. XP Also, despite all their shadow skill of manipulation, some of these people need to learn how to write! Some things they were attempting to say made no sense ... although I think I can imagine how those weirdly feeling sentences came to be.

"When you dance to the beat of a different drummer, this is what you wear. Harley Davidson Motor Clothes," says a commercial on TV. (ACK! I'm seeing more marketing tactics again! It's kind of freaking me out!) It amused me to see this commercial, because none of those I know of who "dance to the beat of a different drummer" wear Harley Davidson material. I for one wear stuff I bought in K-mart, Target, and random children's departments. ^_^ Definitely nothing Harley Davidson, and certainly not the things that were shown in that commercial, which seemed to amount to country in black leather. o_O; Actually, I'm currently attired in striped toe socks, plaid boxer shorts rolled once at the waist since the waist is too large for me, and a grey t-shirt with a beefy-looking eagle on the back (courtesy of my high school Latin club). So what if it doesn't match? XD They're clean!!

Yeah ... time for bed. XP

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