November 7th, 2002

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Maybe I'm just being hormonally bitchy right now because of "that time of the month," but it really pisses me off when my roommate plays her awful music while I'm playing video games. But what can I say ...? "Would you please turn that off, because music is an important part of the gaming experience" ...? No ... I can imagine her face, and I know she wouldn't understand. I'm annoyed because I'm always kind enough to turn off my music when she's watching TV or whatnot. >.< I really love Edea's music, but when my roommate blasts her crap at such a high volume, I can't hear anything going on save the really, really loud things, like Shiva charging up Diamond Dust. Does my roommate not realize that it's just plain wrong to fight Edea when rap is overpowering everything else in the room? x_x
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