November 11th, 2002

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Something about today weighs on my shoulders ... is it the cold, or the cutting wind? (Or it could just be my lack of sleep which is making me feel moody, but I've been reading "The Tale of Genji" lately, and thus I am temporarily wont to refer back to nature ... although not yet to such an extent as writing poetic allusions, since poetry seems to hate my guts.) My thoughts on "The Tale of Genji" will follow later ... as soon as I get more than a fraction into the 1090 pages. XP I've only read a hundred pages or so ... hence I can't say much at the moment. I love carrying this book around, even if I don't get a chance to read it regularly. It's really thick, but it has just the right dimensions to fit in your grasp, and the cover (although paper) is soothing to look at. I really need to read more often ... I need to watch anime more often ... where is the time? Hello? Time? ::looks around for it::

I was at Kirkland for another long night yesterday ... these very intensive, time-consuming endeavors, usually taken up once or twice a week now (if not more) produce a strange love/hate reaction for myself and the situation. On the one hand, I'm proud that I could stay for so long, and so late at night ... but on the other, I'm annoyed that I didn't stay long enough, and that I didn't get all I wanted done. On the one hand once more, I'm glad the building is always open to me, but on the other hand again, I really want to sleep, goddammit!

When I come home so late at night ... I am tempted to be lazy and just dump my stuff, proceeding to climb into bed, dirty clothes and all. But then I think "if I can clear these books off my bed, I can change into pajamas," "if I can change into pajamas, I've got enough energy to brush my teeth," and soon I'm doing everything in my evening routine as though it weren't after three in the morning at all.

I have been working slightly ahead of schedule as far as homework goes, these past few days. Go me? I'm making progress in that regard, at least. XP Notes to self - the word project must be completed tomorrow ... photography session on Wednesday necessary ... must draw like crazy on Wednesday, because of the portfolio due Thursday ... XP It's so soon after our last portfolio ... we have nothing. XP Or at least, that's my case. Something's been wrong inside my head lately, so I have no work of what I deem "quality." (Too much of my stuff is filled with grotesque deformations ...)

Let's see ... in an attempt to meet new people/possible friends and better myself/my sad 1%-scoring social skills, I sat with some new people at lunch today, in a group which happened to include two cute music majors whom I've met before. (I don't remember their names though ... ::sweatdrop::) We all seemed rather dazed, and tired ... I am operating on about three and a half hours of sleep, one of the gentlemen had just awoken, and the other was just tired. XP I did a fair amount of talking (babbling), and though I think I amused the Tired Guy at least once or twice, I decided that my voice sounds awkward to me. (Gak!! I'm yawning! I must not become drowsy! I cannot stop moving until ... uh ... well, it's looking like maybe one or two a.m. again ... maybe three? I don't know about Tuesday, but Wednesday night will definitely be a three unless a miracle happens. XP)

I thought I had a crazy schedule this semester with things slowing down only after Thursday night and then picking right back up again on Sunday, but next semester is looking even tougher. XD ::sweatdrop:: I won't be able to skip school on a Friday to attend a con like I did last year ... but that's ok, since we're ("we're" consisting of leohart8383, hopefully earthphoenix, possibly EtoileEyes, and myself) planning on trying for a road-trip like affair to either Anime Expo or Otakon, both of which take place during the summer! : D (I wanna go to a con, I wanna go to a con ... oh, speaking of, am I the only person who has never gotten sick after attending a con? Sure, I know I've only gone to two, but I've arrived back home in the same shape that I left it. o.O)

The code for the alumni webpages has definitely changed since I last worked on them, during the spring semester. There are new stuffages that I don't recognize, stuffages that I recognize and realize that I should not touch, and stuffages that I don't know what to do with at all. XP There will always be the junkage that Frontpage adds in, but I guess you have to live with that when Frontpage is all you are to use. When Frontpage wipes out the ending /body and /html tags (and things don't show up in Netscape as a result, whee!), I know that somewhere along the line, I missed closing something (generally, randomly sticking in a /table tag fixes the problem ... XD Fear my horrible coding skillz!). But I don't really want to swim around finding out what. XP Anyway, if any of you ever use Frontpage to make your webpages ... I will have to come kick you. XP Frontpage is of the devil!

Whoa, no, wait, actually, this time the stuff disappearing is not my fault. Whoever initially made this page forgot to include the opening html and the body tag in the first place. XP Geeze ... I know I'm ignorant, but I'm not that ignorant. o_o I'm kind of annoyed by all these requests to add the default header to these new pages ... why didn't they do that when they made it? Sure, it's easy enough for me to do (copy/paste, I don't know the code off the top of my head ... XD) ... but still, I like to think that copy/paste is a universal skill. o_o

This campus seems to have a large number of days where groups of prospective students come to visit. It feels strange to attend a school which is always showing off somehow or another. XP I am glad that I am not a JMS student nor work in the Registrar's Office, if only because I do not have to give tours to these people. -_- But I do have to take math courses now, of course. Alas!

Perhaps I should return to my work, since I am at work. XP If I could see my productivity, I'd fire me!
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