November 21st, 2002

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"God, it's locked."

A brilliant observation on the part of Dart, from Legend of Dragoon. : D

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My week of accidental injury has continued, yesterday with my somehow pinching a large kakichunk of my underarm in the joint of those pseudo-sorry-excuse-for-a-desk-things that fold out from auditorium seats. It was a sharp pain, and has resulted in a fairly symmetrical, oval-shaped bruise. o_o

My cut has begun to heal, and if it weren't a cut, it would be a most interesting mark. It has a nice shape and placement. But, goshdarnit, it is a wound after all (on my oft-messy hands, no less!), and thus it is not too nifty.

I want to stay in this room next year, preferably with an individual who is either single or who is capable of devising an overly elaborate communication system on her own which somehow indicates "we are making out, don't come in." This would save the roommate and her significant other some embarrassment, and would be beneficial for me as I would, obviously, not have to see something that I was not meant to have seen. ^_^ The only problem with this desire of mine is that I lack a suitable roommate. XP The people whom I get along with seem rather attached to their single-room status. XP (Sarah, you'll find this interesting. It has been confirmed - my roommate has indeed broken up with her boyfriend, who is also named Brandon.)

Whee, I'm taking the painting course with Lyle over January Immersion. Nine a.m. to three p.m., every weekday but Friday. ART ART ART! (I might expound on this later, but due to a lack of energy, I have no desire to now. Basically, the fact that I can be there, learn, and improve makes me happy.)

I just got my grade back on my last portfolio ... it put me into a combination "goddammit" and "whee!" mood. On the one hand, my teacher actually complimented me, saying that I turned in some wonderful drawings ... but on the other hand, I missed an A by .5 point. .5. (Whatever happened to the concept of rounding up ...? ;_;) If only I had turned in that back drawing ... I'm assuming that my lack of it was what gave me the 9.5 instead of a 10 for amount of work turned in. But I didn't want to turn in something I had turned in last portfolio, so I included other pieces instead. I guess that doesn't work. >.>;

I cleaned my room last night. Note to self - do laundry tonight, because you have no clean clothes left! Be productive! Ask random people to hold their hands in a position for a few minutes so you can sketch 'em. Read more of The Tale of Genji (hit 400 pages today ... still much left to go! I'm really enjoying it)! And ... stuff!

When you type the word "dream" over and over again, it becomes a very depressing word. o_O
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Behold, a new LJ look. Go see!

It looks best in the 1024x??? whatever resolution, maximized screen. Decent in minimized screen. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have no idea what it looks like in anything lower, or anything higher. ^^; I just wanted something more peaceful for the wintertime, and in general something which was a break from my traditional hyperactively weird journal look. : P The only problem is that right now, I don't have a good "serene" icon ... o.o But all things come with time. We shall see.

The image is a charcoal drawing I did today in figure drawing of the model, who happened to be wearing a cool knit hat with pompoms on strings. I added the blue tint in my crappy Limited Edition version of photoshop by making a new layer, paintbucketing the thing blue, and selecting some option other than "normal" for it (I think it was "color," although I am not sure. XP). I had wanted to duotone it, but Limited Edition can't do duotones (amongst other options that it lacks). A word for the wise - save up and get a full version of Photoshop. XP
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