November 29th, 2002

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Beware - Long Entry Ahead

Ladies and gentlemen, I have made a kind-of-sort-of plan! After completing my BFA at college, I will go for a Masters in art history (focusing on Asian art), and thereafter work at a museum somewhere. (Also, I had meant to post this last night, but LJ frizzled out on me. So here it is, half a day late!)

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There are a couple of doodles in my doodle/note sketchbook which have some potential for iconage, so thusly I may have a couple of new icons when I get back to school. ^_^ My scanner shall listen to me, come hell or high water! XP Quality scans shall ensue! I may have to Photoshop the things to death, but I will have at least one new icon, I swear it!

Because I haven't done this for awhile, because old friends have new LJs and thus the word must be spread, and because I went on a friending spree a bit ago, I shall now welcome the following individuals: change_of_heart, clockchild, cynicalsiren, drunkontea, emberfly, exploding_girl, holatuwol, lilaea, and avianthropy! ^_^

I've been home for a couple of nights now, and for both nights spent between icy sheets, I've had disturbing dreams. (I noticed this morning that the childish-looking dream catcher I made way back when in Girl Scouts and thereafter had hung on my bunk bed for years was moved ... I wonder if there's really something to it. o.o But if so, then why do I not have bad dreams consistently like this while at school, where my dream catcher does not come?)

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And now, for some lighter entertainment, here's a paragraph I wrote back in December 2000, on what I had made up my mind to do with my life. The teacher had, of course, intended it to be serious. I, of course, had no intention of being so!

"I have pretty much made up my mind to go around kicking people in the shins. Society needs a good kick in the shins, and all big movements start with one person, one thought - in this case, me. Thwap. Twhap. I kick thee in the shins and awaken thee to truth. And by so doing, I shall raise society to an even higher level - why stay on the floor and get your shins kicked when you can climb on a chair? Thwap, another shin bruised into knowledge. Twhap - a smarter world, one shin at a time."

... my writing skills have sadly decreased from the quality of those days. XP It may be due to the fact that I don't care as much about variety in sentence length, and I will make any sentence however long I wish it to be, because it makes sense to me. o_O Also, the fact that I have spent a good deal of time writing on the Internet has drastically changed my style - AGV, the AnimeBoards RPGs, and now Livejournal - I have grown more colloquial than ever, and less formal.
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