December 6th, 2002

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O Whiny One

Gwar. Dullness of the final grind consumes my days. In this past week alone, I've spent approximately fifteen hours in the Mac Lab, working on this project and that project. Today, I estimate completion of my Christmas Card extra credit project. I aim to spend time tonight uploading the rest of the yyhkb folder, because the past few days have been somewhat crazy and I missed the time window I had originally assigned them. Tomorrow, I shall continue work on the photo editing (hopefully completing it, and hopefully that one tutor in particular won't be there ... I distract him, and he has a habit of looking over my shoulder and thinking of ways he'd do the project. That wouldn't bother me so much, except for the fact that his way is probably better though the filesize would increase dramatically, and I feel like stubbornly sticking to my own guns. XP). Sunday, I shall finish my film paper. I shall also (pray pray) complete the "Timchi" commission. Monday, I shall finalize my poster design. Thereafter, I shall devote all time to my Design Orientation finals (redesigning Hammerspace! Woo!) and my final (currently completely undone) portfolio, which is due at the latest on the 16th. Oh yeah, I also intend to study somewhere along the line before my fill-in-the-dots type finals that begin next Friday.

I have made it to all meetings, on time. I have visited the registrar's office and successfully dropped the second Immersion course in order to be able to take the first. Global Haiku has been traded in for Buddhist Traditions. I have attended work. I have called my mother. I have completed other sundry items which make it possible to continue my days, with the exception of paying off the money I owe the art department for drawing pads. I'm going to wait to withdraw money until I have more money in my account ... leaving only ten dollars in there makes me very nervous.

I am currently pretending to work while at work. I should be working on these webpages for them, but instead I am here typing this mundane entry ... as I really don't want to work on these webpages. XP I'll start soon regardless of my wishes, that I know ... but she wants me to make new buttons, fiddle with scripts that I did not create (hope I don't break them ... XP), and I'm going to have to fix each and every link everywhere, because the genius who made these pages in Frontpage linked to the copies of things which exist on the shared server instead of the school's public webserver. The shared server and the stuff on it is inaccessible to anyone not logged in (so basically, you can only see it if you're working out of this office). This is the equivalent of somebody linking to documents and images on their harddrive, but it is much more sinister - because nobody in the office knows that there's a problem but me, since they can see things just fine and therefore, what the code is really telling the page to do means little to them. XP [/rant]

I have a wish for the webdesign world. I wish not for eternal peace, but that "artsy" webdesigners would stop using that damn blurred/raised/whatever font for their main (and may I add, usually small) text. I'm an avid reader and thus my tolerance for tiny fonts is strong, but that stuff gives me a headache. My eyes are blurry enough without that type of text. Some individuals need to think about functionality in addition to shiny artistry. XP [/rant, really]

I've been having many moodswings lately, probably brought on by feeling rather frazzled due to the size of the projects that are coming due (if you think a poster is simple, just wait until you see what I did. XP I'll make a screencap for you guys of the phoenix I spent ten hours creating in Illustrator when I get back to my room ... no promises as to when that will be). At random times, I've felt very proud of myself for completing this or that, and content. At times I found myself grinning from ear to ear because hey, I can do this stuff! Need me to edit your wife out of the photo? No prob. Spilled coffee on your precious baby picture? No worries, it's all under control. Need a magazine layout ASAP? Never fear, just tell me what program you want me to use, or let me decide for you. Give me some time and with a blessing of patience (or perhaps determination in my case), all woes will disappear.

But at other moments, I've wanted to throttle things, have disliked most of the individuals around me, have deprecated myself, and have worried myself to no end about the fact that although things will get done, they won't get done well. XP It makes it hard to stand up for your own arguments when you can see through everything you do and get annoyed with plugging up all the little holes.

If, in the middle of a conversation for no good reason whatsoever, I stop speaking to you on AIM:
1.) I'm just really tired. IM me to catch my attention.
2.) Another conversation is being overly demanding (trying to calm people down when you are not calm yourself takes much effort).
3.) I'm working on a project in Photoshop/Illustrator/Quark/Whoever and need to focus my attention there. Sorry!
4.) I left in a hurry and forgot to turn on an away message.

Wargh. I am not doing anything, do not feel like doing anything, and would much rather be at home while temporarily de-frazzing, so why am I even here? -_-;
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