January 17th, 2003

watching over, objective, skeptical, distant, outsider

Being sick makes me impatient. (Among other things.)

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I was not mentally present at Contemporary Art History this morning. Somewhere during the time we spent discussing the differences between "modern" and "late modern," and deciding what "contemporary" means, my brain just went out for a sandwich. I have a few notes and some weird doodle-thing, but other than that ... I wonder how this bodes for Physiology of Space.

In good news, I made the Concert Choir. ^_^ Though I rehearsed with them that day as an Alto1 and auditioned as a Soprano2 while sounding like a pony with grain up its nose, they put me in as a Soprano1. Apparently, my range is still in there - it just has to be brought back out again.
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