February 6th, 2003

angry, explosive, destructive, pissed, grrr

I hate people.

This chaos surrounding the NOT YET IMPLEMENTED post limits is making me tense and angry.

It reminds me of AGV ... when newbies discovered that there were flood limits on PMs, and especially when Cx decided that we should pay dues in order to help the community live. It was for everyone's benefit, but just about everyone balked, and people even attacked Cx for his decision.

People aren't listening to what's being said. People who pay LESS THAN two bucks and fifty cents per month are bitching about only being allowed twenty posts, although they may not even come close to posting that much in a day. XP People are demonizing the LJ site staff, which pisses me off to no end. People are attempting to be all-knowing about a subject that they have absolutely no information on, other than the fact that they oh-my-god just can't imagine a limit on their life. It's violating their FREEDOM AND WHAT THEY PAID FOR, you know!! People are bitching that LJ is attempting to force people to sign up for paid accounts with this. What the heck are you, you idiots, newly manufactured conspiracy theorists?

LJ is an online community. Online communities MUST CHANGE in order to survive.

You can be SURE that the LJ site staff researched their options thoroughly. Creators who CARE about their communities, as the members of this staff DO, do NOT commit such acts arbitrarily. FURTHERMORE, these limits are NOT set in stone. They WILL change as is needed.

So. People, CALM DOWN! Your life is NOT going to end. We do NOT need to hear your angry opinion! In twenty-two pages, it is most likely that somebody's already said the same damn flamebait thing! AUGH! ::kills self:: I only made it two pages into the entire thread before I went crazy. People are just that damn annoying when they don't want to change.

God, I'm glad Cx isn't here. If this didn't kill him, he'd be laughing his ass off at us. I'm sad that Brad Fitz is here, because I know this hurts him. I've watched it happen before with Cx, and with other community creators. Those he made the home for wound him, and he loses the will to maintain a place of peace.

Maybe I just have a different perspective on these things because I watched a close friend slowly lose the will to create, and knew for months that the end was approaching. If they were to shut down LJ today, I would be sad ... but I would understand. Even though I paid $100, I would not go out headhunting in court or over email.

So if you're one of those folks in a tizzy who is going to leave LJ for Blurty/Blogger/Whomever because of this, I say GOOD RIDDANCE. Your squabbling nature weakens the ship upon which you stand.
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