March 3rd, 2003

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I'm not sure whether it's stress, depression, anger, or what, but I've reached a point where I am either vastly flabbergasted or vastly amused by all that I see before me. Such a world! Physically, I've reached the stage of something, where I frequently get these surges of something through my body that I can only describe as "twinges." These sometimes can get strong enough or "weird" enough feeling that they distort my vision momentarily, upset my sense of balance, and make me feel rather ill. I'm good at covering them up, though, and unless they get really bad you'll never see me waver when I walk. They happen less when I sit or when I lie down.

My second science exam went surprisingly well, although I could sadly label very few of the vessels leading away from the heart. Maybe I accidentally aced another one! I wonder if this says positive things about a hidden knack for science/taking tests, or whether it says negative things about his tests or his class in general.