April 12th, 2003

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Wont wont want won't

I was tired of the way Tralala looked, so I changed it around a bit, using images of Miyazawa Yukino from KareKano, who I identify with (as a lot of female anime fans are wont to do). I lacked a good spring-ish feeling doodle or drawing, so that'll have to wait.

The stripes in the background vaguely remind me of a couch.

So I came up to the door of my dorm last night, and there were a couple of guys milling about. I immediately jumped to conclusions - they're waiting for someone to come down and get them, and they're going to try to come in when I go in. So when one of the guys grabbed the door handle as I pulled it back, I nearly jumped.

Me - Do I know you ...?
Guy - No, but I'm going to hold the door for you.


A more thought-out entry to follow later, perhaps.
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