July 3rd, 2003

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Mrph, I've lost a watch ...

For future reference - a single snap is not a good way to secure something on my wrist.

Lately, I've been finding that the method of creation or alteration with photos and graphics has become ever clearer to me. I find it somewhat disconcerting when I can look at something and say "oh, they used Illustrator to make that," or think "hmm, I can tell that they used [insert tool here] in [insert program here]."

As far as Xenogears goes, I hate Vierge, and the ponytail attachment gets more annoying with every behind-her camera angle. I mean, what self-respecting "I wanna impress the enemy with my macho machinery" woozy-doozy army makes a Gear in pink? Not just a flat pink, even, but one with designs and varying shades! Someone in the army put effort into this pinkness! Even for someone who's got a father with a lot of pull ... you'd think that dignity for the army would come first. o_o (It's not like pink blends in with the environment, anyway ...)

I do, however, love Citan. With his stats, it seems like he should be the lead male, not Fei. He's faster, stronger, has more HP, heals for more, has more varied moves, learns faster ... go figure.

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I'm going to post this before I have to restart again ...
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