August 3rd, 2003

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Spam email often comes with complete gibberish or porn for subject lines, but as I translated one into English, I realized that I had just gotten a spam entitled (more or less), "lucrative rat racing can be fun, but really, why be so broke?"

I never mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, a very forward (and of course, superbly caked) Mary Kay saleslady came through my line at Value City. Apparently, my skin is so bad, she suggested a free facial right there and then in front of another customer! Though I put her off for awhile, I could not delay her forever. Yesterday, I had a "hand pampering" session, a "lip pampering" session, got to wash my face with Mary Kay products, and was given pink makeup to apply for that "barely there" look that I prefer. Woot?

I thought it was a rather pathetic waste of time (as I had no intentions of buying anything and was not impressed by the products anyway). I know how to apply makeup and what features to emphasize, but I have my reasons for not doing so on a daily basis, which I have probably discussed before. Can't remember, so ... er ... let me try to summarize.

Laziness. I have better things to do with my time than spend fifteen, twenty minutes making myself "beautiful" for a world with twisted standards.

Honesty. This face is what I am - flawed. Makeup is used to disguise flaws and enhance features, creating a visual illusion, an attempted perfection. If someone loved that appearance, they would not be loving that I truly am.

Associations. I associate makeup with the art of performance - and though I perform every day in one way or another, makeup is reserved for those special on-stage or in-costume occasions. Is a Cinderella Night so special if you pull one every day?

Disgust. I dislike the visual air-brushed standards promoted by the fashion industry and the media (though of course I probably conform to them one way or another). Why go to effort to meet "standards" I disagree with?

I find the Gaia thread "You are an anime newbie IF ..." fairly insulting, and it's definitely not a good reflection on the "wisdom" of the "more educated" anime fans out there. It more or less showcases the results that attitude problems, arrogance, and egos on all sides give.

Pride sucks. The divisions people create in order to compare and level themselves against others suck. I don't mind evaluating where one stands in relation to others, but when one starts drawing lines in the dirt, I get annoyed. It's not just in anime fandom, and this really is a nice example that even the "subculture" has the same problems as the mainstream which it tries to separate itself from. I want to say, "anime fans, get over your goddamned ego." Anime fandom is forever changing, and we've been going through radical changes in the recent decades - get with the program!

I find most of the people of Gaia downright idiotic. As soon as I get my kimono there (blasted hell of 7k left to go), I'm gone. The conclusion that pops into my head is that regardless of shared interests, most people aren't worth your breath. Find those who are, and be loyal.
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