November 4th, 2003

watching over, objective, skeptical, distant, outsider

"There is nothing prohibiting what we are about to do!"

TOE. Isn't it somehow madly appropriate that a grandly abstract notion known as "theory of everything" has such a mundane acronym? Why define the theory of everything when the acronym itself is quite sufficient to explain the quality of life?

Friend1 - He's a jock who thinks he's a geek.

Each building has its quirks, of course. In my old dorm, you could hear people through the walls. In this dorm, you can hear them through the vents. Lead on by the subject of hearing people, we find ourselves on the tangent of strange men yelling things at me as I walk to and from work. I usually do not have this problem (it's usually a run-by honking), but this time it happened as I was waiting to cross the street (as were all the cars). I dislike it when people shout at me from traffic, because I have no clue what they're saying and can't see their faces in much detail, and thus I don't know if there's a safe way to respond. (I chose to ignore them.)

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Now, for post-Halloween information.

Pierre: try to un-away a little more often than once a month

Nnng, I'll be trying. Advising Day was today, so I spent a good deal of time trying to work out my schedule. Advising Day is handy because it enables me to get a grasp on things I would otherwise completely forget about during the course of the school year, but it also gives me a sense of a pressure not unlike the force of water. This sensation crushes my ribs and compresses my heart.

In conclusion! Next semester I'm taking one less credit, and transforming the Birks weekend job into a credit-earning, requirement-fulfilling internship. Because I strongly dislike my Italian class and would much rather take a ceramics course, I am not taking Italian again. This, however, may pose a problem in the future. Apparently BA Studio Art candidates must take both the language track and the culture track instead of one or the other, which seems a bit odd to me, and I must iron that out later. I will most likely have to take a single language (French or Spanish, neither one of which I am particularly interested in) from the summer of next year until I graduate. I am taking care of my math/quantitive reasoning requirement with a philosophy course, believe it or not! This makes me happy, because what I lack in memorized formulas I can more than make up for with the way I think. Next semester I will be having 8 a.m. classes on Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. And even the most sacred of days (oh, who am I kidding), Friday. This does not make me happy, because I am not a morning person. But I think that out of those, Tuesday and Thursday at least shall be fine, because that is the ceramics course, and I'll be actively doing stuff.

Man, my writing is horrible as of late. Terribly awkward.
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