December 7th, 2003

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Check out my updated (but still backlogged) RO files for Hodes, sin, drama queens (a.k.a. aeromancy), and lots of evil merchanty goodness. I'm thinking about making a page for 'em, my characters, and my general RO experiences. Thinking is very much the word to use, because I have so very little time right now ...

Yargh, Vespers is over. I am so very tired. I think people who want to exercise or increase their endurance should simply try standing absolutely stock still for two hours. Just try it. Try resisting that twitch, try not to move no matter how much your heels protest your weight. Try not to let your eyes glaze over, and try not to fall flat on your face because you're standing on an incline and your knees are giving out. It's much more of a challenge than you think!

1st Performance:
It went fine. I didn't trip, lose a shoe, rip my dress, cause chaos, or otherwise disrupt the harmonious progress of the production. Still could not figure out what the other choir was saying in "There Is No Rose."

2nd Performance:
My electric candle abruptly died in the middle of a song. Alas! Batteries seem not to be the problem, but I dunno what is. "There Is No Rose" lyrics no clearer.

3rd Performance:
A personal embarrassment. This is the first concert that I have not made it to the end of. Throughout the show, I felt sicker and sicker, and it was getting harder to stand upright. I was coughing painfully, felt like I was going to throw up, and my body temperature seemed inconsistent with those around me.

I thought I could make it to the end, I really did. But as we stood there in the final position, I suddenly could not sing for fear of losing breakfast on the floor. Even mouthing the words was pushing it, and I found myself shivering. Most of my body was very cold, as though all the sweat on my body had decided to evaporate all at once. Though every hair was standing on end, my throat and upper chest were thick and firey, because of all the hacking that I'd been doing.

I knew right then that I could not make it to the end, close though I was. I thought about waiting until the moment when the choir "processed" backwards, thinking the movement would cover me. But I couldn't even make that long: realizing that I could either lose it in the privacy of a bathroom or lose it in front of 300+ choir members, a 20 piece band, and 1000+ audience people, I chose to leave as quietly as I could.

I cursed the asymmetrical 1970's building design for putting restrooms on only one side (of course the other side) of the building. I made it there, and was promptly sick. Woo. "There Is No Rose" was forgotten about.

4th Performance:
I figured out a line of "There Is No Rose." This was the best of the four performances for me, tired though I was. Remember my malfunctioning electric candle? Well, during call, I set it down on a chair so I could go hack up a lung elsewhere. When I came back, I found that the candle had fallen to the floor. I picked it up, and was explaining to someone how it had died on me earlier, and lo and behold, when I flipped the switch ... it worked!!


Tralala. The art students had their semester sale the other day, so I hopped by before rehearsal. I really do love buying other people's ceramic failures, because it feels like I'm somehow adopting an abandoned _________ .

Okay. I have to be done with this, because I have nothing left to give.
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