December 25th, 2003

perky, amused, artsy, demonic, bouncy

All hail to the Christmas Hippy!

My father's side of the family has a superiority complex of sorts, treating my father and I like the idiots of the family who need to be coaxed and trained into life (while this may or may not be true of my father, it is certainly not true of me). They think of me as a little odd, someone a little "behind" their own children, someone who needs all the help she can get. They think of me as the "art major," the one who probably isn't going to make much money in this lifetime. I'm a continuation of my father's small-time life, of his failures.

This is my way of having fun within my family's concept boundaries. And telling them, at the same time, that it's all just damn dumb. XD
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