February 7th, 2004

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soy and snow

I haven't been sleeping well lately, and I can really feel it these days. I've been having nightmares or dreams that I find disturbing ... one moment I will wake up doused in sweat while being quite cold, and in the next moment I will think that a sheet is too much heat. I wake up roughly every hour on the hour ... it kind of stinks.

You know ... I do what they do. I, too, avoid things. I move on without accepting that they have not done the same.

Though it was my first time, I made a really wonderful coil pot in ceramics. I let it dry overnight, and came back to work on the surface a bit more ... and then I accidentally broke it by not being aware of its fragile nature. Poo. It was far too dry to attempt to piece together (such an attempt would have only made its appearance worse). So I made the most of the break, and now it's a sort of funky ... pitcher/vase/thing. It isn't originally what I had planned on doing, but it isn't a total loss ...

I'm hungry.
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Our cafeteria is not entirely carpeted. There is a section, near the door, which has red tile (a kind that gets quite slippery when wet) ... this section happens to be, for better or worse, right by where you take your tray to send it in to be washed.

I just performed TEH MOSTEST AMAZING FALL ever right there. I mean, seriously, that was one totally graceful fall, and I didn't take any damage (at least, I feel fine!). The plate on my tray, on the other hand, shattered on the tile with quite a loud noise, and the plastic cup also made its fall quite well known to the entire cafeteria.

They clapped and shouted. They always do this when some unfortunate soul happens to attract their attention by dropping plates, but I'm gonna pretend that it's because my particular show was stellar. GO ME!
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