March 21st, 2004

on edge, bite me, creepy, hate, AAGH!

zachary hombie is dr. z. hombie


I really hate this time of the month.

I also dislike how Kotex now puts "survival tips" on the packaging of personal care supplies ... do they really think that it comforts me to find out information that I already knew, like that exercise helps? It helps if you start before it starts ... but the only exercise I feel up to right now is keeling over the toilet and losing dinner. I think I need to have a serious talk with my genes ... this is a simple process, so why does it have to hurt so much? I can't sleep.

Random Dead or Alive 3 notes ... the only way I can sort of kick ass is as Christie. I can't block to save my life. Ryu Hayabusa's third outfit (black, with hair down) is Teh Sex. Fear Gen Fu, Gnome of Doom. I like the levels where you can push people off the ledges ... I'm all about gravity being my friend. I can't think of a Kasumi cosplayer who puts the details on the bottom of her ninja-outfit-thingie ... her white version has sakura blossoms on it .. blue version has some watery-looking embroidery? Yesh.

Am I the only one who kills the guest characters in my Tactics party ...? XD; It usually goes something like this: "Oooooh, a crystal ... dammit, Delita is closer to it than I! But I am behind him, ohohoho! ::SMACK::"

[Edit: erikadoor says that "cookies are the snacks of the Lord!"]
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