July 15th, 2004

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the manipulator

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So the other day I was really itching for a new book, but to my dismay discovered that Kroger's novel selection is no equal to their selection of breakfast cereals. My desperation was such that today I hitched a ride with a coworker's daughter out to the mall to obtain a book. Fortunately she was quite patient with me, for I took a long time to decide ... I said to myself "only one book!" and I intended to stick by that. It just had to be the best choice given the parameters I had set! She kept on trying to convince me to read "White Oleander" or "Mein Khampf," but those were not tripping my trigger and thus I pranced around for awhile and chose something else. She claimed to care little about what others thought of her, apparently I care even less ... I was the only one of us doing a little dance in the store.
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