September 1st, 2004

exhausted, well shit, tired, zoned, drained

I am not your unwitting test subject!!

Last week, they found a badly beaten body in the park not-quite-a-block-away that I walk by on a regular basis. I've only heard rumors, but the murder was the terrible end of a domestic dispute ... the suspect is in police custody.

It may have been carried out elsewhere, but the fact the culprit felt safe in dumping the body in the duck pond does not speak highly of the quality of the area. You can consider me officially freaked out.


I had a dream last night that I purchased a Dollfie with red, curly hair. o_o


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It seems I can only take about three years of any educational institution before I get bored with the whole deal and find it exceedingly difficult to be passionate about anything. I feel that it would be wise to go through my schedule, see what I need to keep to assure the solidity of December graduation, and dump the rest. I'm already damned tired and distracted, this is ridiculous.
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